Luthier (lu·thi·er)

1. a maker of stringed instruments, as guitars.

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Educator – Instruction

Guitar… Bass… Vocal… Applied Musicianship

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Woodworking - Joinery

Hands-on Instruction in all phases of production

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Anthony Janflone Sr. has been a professional music educator, performing musician, luthier, and woodworker for more than 50 years.

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Welcome to my website. I encourage you to look around. I am always open to developing new products, expanding the direction of guitar development and repair.

My Services Include:

Music lessons

Instrument repair and modification

Hand crafted custom guitars

Handmade woodwork

Woodworking instruction

CAD/CAM instruction

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Please call or email me to discuss ways that I am able to help you succeed in your endeavors.  My work is based on serving the needs of my clients.  Thank you.