About Anthony Janflone Sr.

Anthony Janflone Sr. has been immersed in music for over 50 years. He is an accomplished guitarist who has played with many “Name” recording artists.

Anthony began his musical education before he realized that he was destined to be a musician. His exposure to all styles of music by his grandfather during his formative years eventually came full circle. The end result – Anthony performing the music.

Anthony took his first playing job after only six months of studying the guitar ‐ and his first professional show after two years. He also had the opportunity of spending some class time with legendary composer/arranger Oliver Nelson. Anthony has worked with Diana Ross and the Supremes, Ben Vereen, The Fifth Dimension, The Marvelettes, Bobby Vinton, Frank Gorshin, and many others. Anthony’s jazz credentials include gigs with Don Patterson, Ralph Lalama, Gene Ludwig, and jam sessions with George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Joe Henderson, Blue Mitchell, and Pat Martino. He also played with Pittsburgh’s Roger Humphries, Rabbit Barnes, & Mike Taylor. He performed at the Hurricane and the Crawford Grill in Pittsburgh and the Key Club in Newark, New Jersey.

Due to personal circumstances in the early 70’s, Anthony was forced to quit playing in clubs for a number of years. During that time, however, he began his classical guitar education, and expanded on his arranging skills. He managed to make a difficult decision into a positive step forward by adding the acoustic dimension to his music.

Anthony’s stellar performance on Gene Ludwig’s 1998 CD, BACK ON THE TRACK, is being widely lauded for his musical taste and sensitivity. He is currently producing his own CD, entitled, REFLECTIONS, which contains his original material, written, arranged and recorded both in Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Anthony’s duo released ALFREDOQUIN in 2006. FROM A SILENT HEART with vocalist Jessica Lee was released in 2010.

Anthony was an adjunct professor of music at Waynesburg College for 14 years. He teaches privately, writing his own methods, and publishes numerous teaching methods for all instruments. He regularly conducts clinics throughout the area.

Over the years Anthony has always searched for a responsive guitar, with excellent tone & playability. After modifying many instruments, he decided to begin at the design table and build his own guitars. The result is TJF Custom Electric Guitars – each designed and handcrafted, using the finest woods and components, coupled with special attention to experience acquired details. In search of a guitar strap that eases the weight of the instrument, he invented the Weight‐Shifting Strap System, which balances the weight of the guitar and allows for support and comfort in playing. Anthony has also developed a guitar fingerboard conditioning formula – Alfredo Quinbeee’s Special Fingerboard Care – to properly protect your guitars’ fingerboards.

Many organizations have benefited from Anthony’s musical contributions over the years, including Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, Washington City Police Department, Every Child Benefit and Project Bundle Up for WTAE TV.

Anthony is currently performing with a reunion band, Shovelful of Blues in the tri state area, offering a unique musical experience of blues and jazz that showcases his dedication to his art and an intense communication with his fans.



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